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I’m thrilled you’ve landed here!

I’m Cynthia Brace holistic health coach, registered nutritionist, and lover of books (seriously 8 bookcases around here).

I’m also a reiki practitioner, author, and nerd obsessed with everything health-related.

One of my absolute favorite things is helping people all over the world discover that focusing on what they do every day is their hidden superpower to be healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for a way to feel balanced, energetic, happy, confident, vital
(without suffering on weird diets).

Ready to feel relieved and empowered having a plan of action for your health and life that will help you long-term
(whether you struggle with a specific health condition or not)
… then I’m your gal!

How We Get You There


Long-term health & wellness starts in your head.


A combination of what you do everyday.
Your habits.

Body Systems

Health from the inside-out.

If you have visions of going on (or should I say suffering through) yet another ‘diet’ you’re in the wrong place.

Together we work on building a solid foundation for your health focusing on Mindset, Lifestyle and Body Systems so you can be healthy and feel great long-term.

We focus on you as a whole unique person.  It’s not just about what you eat and if you exercise. 

If you’re looking for help with a certain health challenge or you just FINALLY want to figure out how to be healthy, lose weight, have more energy, less stress and feel great every day then click the button below. Let’s start creating your healthy, happy, vibrant life today. 

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It's About Your journey

Living your best healthy, vibrant lifestyle is more than possible.

I'm here to help you create it.

What they say

Client Love

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank you again for working with me. You are so knowledgeable and supportive, I very much appreciate it!Much gratitude Cynthia!

Joanne Shields

Doesn't Just Focus on Diet

Having worked with Cynthia I love the fact that she doesn't just focus on diet. She creates an action plan that takes into account more than just-food.One of the biggest challenges is mindset, and she’s got that covered!The detailed and personal approach takes into consideration your individual situation, and areas that may hold you back.I would highly recommend working with Cynthia for an all-around health assessment!

Lucie Brusse

Really Knows Her Stuff

I loved working with Cynthia. She is kind, funny, and gets right to the point in a no-nonsense but loving kind of way.She understood quickly what was going on with me and offered action steps and insight around my topic.Cynthia can hold the space for sometimes difficult or embarrassing topics while at the same time responding and clarifying in an informative, understanding, and nonjudgmental way.It is like talking to a friend who really knows her stuff. Glad I found her.

Angelique von Löbbecke

Makes Goals Achievable

You hear all the things you should be doing, or need to be doing and it can be contradictory and confusing!Cynthia’s program brings things into perspective and makes goals achievable. She’s very personable and non-judgmental. I felt completely comfortable talking about my health with her.

Sonya Schweitzer

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