women over 40

Get Your Energy Back, Reduce Menopause Symptoms, Fit into Your Sexy Jeans

without dieting.

It's time to thrive through midlife.

Cynthia Brace Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach 7

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You're not alone.

Do you sometimes feel like you don't understand what is happening to your body?
Like your body and brain aren’t your own and your confidence and self-esteem suffer for it? 

You're a smart woman and you try hard but for some reason whatever you do from eating less and exercising more, nothing seems to work. What's up with that?

You're confused with conflicting and confusing information and really want a way to know how to go through midlife and perimenopause, menopause without all the cliches. You want a way to be healthy, fit and confident no matter what age you are. 

Hi, I'm Cynthia Brace a Registered Holistic Nutritionist / Health Coach.  

I help women over 40 optimize their metabolism, have more hormonal balance and confidence (no matter what beautiful size or shape they are), get to the root cause of their health challenges and reach their goals without dieting.

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Hi I'm Cynthia

As a registered holistic nutritionist, and health & mindset coach I help you cut through the health and menopause confusion and discover YOUR flexible, individualized approach to have more energy, reduce frustrating hormonal symptoms, and fit back into your sexy jeans, without restrictive diets (really, don't do those, they suck).

I meet you where you are on your path and am committed to guiding you on your journey to focusing on health instead of weight. Because you're a whole person - not just a number on the scale.

I guide you with practical and doable real-life tools and methods and help you get to the root cause of health challenges so you can be healthy, fit strong and confident.

Lucy B.

Having worked with Cynthia I love the fact that she doesn't just focus on food. One of the biggest challenges is mindset and she's got that covered!

The detailed and personal approach takes into consideration your individual situation and areas that may hold you back. I would highly recommend working with Cynthia.

Judy R.

I've reached my goals. I'm more at ease in my body, feeling sexy and confident.

You won't feel like all the other times you have tried to ‘diet’ because whatever you do with Cynthia it won't be one. She helps you create your own healthy lifestyle, which is 1000 times better!

Sonya S.

You hear all the things you "should be or need to be doing" and it can be contradictory and confusing.

Cynthia brings everything into perspective and makes goals achievable. She's personal and non-judgemental. I felt completely comfortable talking about my health with her.

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