10 Awesome Health Benefits to Drinking Water

By Cynthia Brace

Since we’re made up of approximately 70% water it’s not surprising that our bodies need it to function properly.  Start the day with a warm glass with lemon, have it with fruit or herbal tea to flavour it.  Just be sure to get your minimum of 2 litres in every day.

Your 10 Awesome Health Benefits to Drinking Water Are:

1. Increases energy – in general, dehydration leads to feeling fatigued.  Drinking the right amount of water can keep you energized.

2. Helps crush cravings for empty calories – water won’t stop you from being hungry for real food, but it can help you stop those munchies for junk food.

3. Helps you lose weight – When you feel hungry, you might be confusing it with dehydration.   The same symptoms apply, light-headed, gurgling sounds in your stomach, low energy.  Try drinking a 16 oz glass of water and wait for 1/2 an hour.  If you do this before a meal, you’ll actually eat fewer calories.

4. Increases your metabolism – improves your body’s ability to burn fat.  Every time you eat or drink something, your body has to do something to process it (which burns calories).

5. Helps keep you regular – trouble with constipation?  Being properly hydrated will make your stool soft and easy to pass.

6. Boosts your brain – Your brain needs a lot of oxygen to function and drinking water can ensure you’re getting what you need to function at optimal performance.

7. Gives you clear, glowing skin – want compliments on your clear, beautiful skin?  Get it from the inside out with staying hydrated.

8. Ditch headaches naturally – water helps prevent and relieve headaches (including migraines)

9. Flushes toxins – water helps you ditch those toxins and improves kidney performance.

10. Boosts your immune system – water helps your body’s systems function properly and can help prevent disease.

You may be surprised, but these are only a few benefits to drinking water regularly throughout the day, so drink up to better health.

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