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5 Secrets to a
Health, Happy, Vibrant Lifestyle
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Discover an easier way to reach your health goals...no diet required.

What You'll Learn

In this Free On-Demand Masterclass Get an Easier Way to Reach Your Health Goals and Be On Your Way to Healthy Happy, Vibrant...without going on any dreaded "diet".

Whether you're just starting out on your health and wellness journey or have been struggling with it for years this masterclass can help you:

Get Your Mindset Working for YOU

Learn how to get your mindset working for you and your goals.  This isn't just "positive" thinking.

Find the Keys to Success

Discover the keys, the game changers, the things that can be the difference between dreaded failure and ecstatic success.

Discover Why "Diets" Fail You

Learn why "diets" have failed every time you've tried one in the past.

Achieve Your Goals

Learn an effective way to  reach your health and wellness goals without suffering, confusion or stress.  

Find the Missing Pieces

Discover the missing pieces to get faster results every time. 

Are you crystal clear on your unique way to a healthy, happy, vibrant lifestyle you love?

No? Well don’t feel alone because you and a whole bunch of other people are too.

In fact I used to be exactly where you are.

Really wanting to be healthy, feel and look great but honestly confused as to how to get there. (Gah so much conflicting information!)

Wanting clothes to be more comfortable (heck even go down a few sizes) but hell’s no to going on another diet, which truthfully won’t work long-term.

Wanting more confidence, to be happier and feel more fulfilled. Now we’re reaching for the stars (for real, is that even possible?)

Wanting to not feel so tired and stressed all the time. Honestly, what’s up with that?

Believe me I know how unfun all of those are, so if you feel any of them let’s start clearing up the confusion.

Discover an easier way to reach your health goals and be on your way to healthy, happy, vibrant in this FREE masterclass.

These masterclass 5 Secrets are some of the most important things I share with my clients to get them to their own unique healthy, happy, and vibrant lifestyle they love.

Client Love

Joanne S.

I Feel So Much Better

I feel so much better, more energy and most of all not so sore all the time - and I am not taking prescription meds - It’s a miracle!

Judy R.

Completely Changed

The way I think about food (what and how much I eat) has completely changed for the better. I shop differently, not even feeling the need to go down the chip aisle and I know how to make meals on the fly that are healthy and delicious.

Lee A.

Cravings Are Gone

I don’t fixate on having junk food (chips, chocolate). I know I can have a treat but I’m now finally good with not having one every day. I’m SO happy about that!

Empowered and Excited

She offers a gradual but doable approach to relieve stress, eat more balanced meals, and lead a healthier lifestyle. I feel empowered and excited to continue to use all the tools and information learned from her class in my daily life.

~ Erin B.

You’ll leave this class with clear steps towards your own success story


About Cynthia

Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach 

Cynthia Brace is a whole health and lifestyle coach for motivated people.

Through her share of frustrating health challenges, she became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki and Reflexology practitioner and author of Redesign Your Interior | 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life.

She believes focusing on your lifestyle is your hidden superpower to be healthier and happier. When you have help and a clear path, getting and staying healthy can be an exciting and fun journey.
She works with clients through programs and 1:1. When she’s not transforming lifestyles, she’s got her nose stuck in a book reading or out on a hike.

Get an Easier Way to Reach Your Health Goals and Be On Your Way to

Healthy Happy, Vibrant

Without going on any dreaded "diet"

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