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3 tips to de-stress your holiday season

Being a busy woman can be stressful enough without all of the extra tasks the holiday can bring.  Gifts to shop for, friends and family dinner to host, dinners and get together to attend and special things that you want to enjoy. Not that these aren’t enjoyable, but they take up so much time that you can be struggling to get everything done.  You’re so tired and stressed that you’re wondering if it was worth all the extra work. SO not the point of the holidays. Realistically how do you get through the holidays with cheer and merriness?

How to avoid burnout and have time for YOU in your busy week

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Have you ever had those weeks, heck months where you just go, go,go? You’ve got a million things to do.  Besides working or running a business you've got the laundry to do, dinner to cook, family obligations.  Your brain keeps going, you’re having trouble sleeping, and you have tension in your neck and shoulders.  You feel like you’re starting to burnout… Gah!  You need a vacation!

Surprising Ways Sugar Sneaks Into Your Kitchen and Keeps You Feeling Exhausted

For a few weeks, you’ve resisted the 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee, afternoon candy bars, sour patch kids to avoid the sugar crash, but still feel exhausted and foggy brained. The reality is, sugar is hidden in the majority of packaged foods. Look at this label for example.