Want more energy, confidence, hormonal balance, want to
lose weight over 40 and feel comfortable in your sexy jeans without dieting?

Ready for a brand-new perspective on your health goals and a new approach to lose weight over 40?

The Path To Reclaim Your Health

You haven't failed at diets.  They've failed you.  They can pretty much fail you at any age, but they do especially when you're 40 or over and need extra support and nourishment for your body. 

With Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle discover how to get to your goals (including better-fitting pants) without unrealistic dieting and feel more in tune with yourself.

Because your weight doesn't dictate your health.

But If you're like so many women maybe this sounds familiar...

  • You're a smart woman but sometimes feel like you don't understand what is happening to your body - like your body and brain aren’t your own and your confidence and self-esteem suffer for it.
  • You can spend so much time stressing over food and dieting rules (like it's a second job).
  • You don't really care too much about your weight but you're done with being constipated, having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hot flashes, mood swings you name it.  You want to be healthy and vital no matter what age you are.
  • You wake up tired and go through the day feeling like you're walking through quicksand.  Where has your energy gone?
  • Your cravings are regularly yelling at you for your favorite chips, chocolate or even bread.

You've tried reducing calories, "eating healthier", exercising more and all the other things but nothing seems to be working. What's up with that? How do you lose weight over 40?

  • You don't need to look like a supermodel. You just want to be at your version of looking and feeling good.

You've Tried All Kinds Of Things.

Maybe You're questioning if it's even possible.

Are you questioning if it's even possible to lose weight after 40 because whatever results you've had in the past never lasted?  You're so tired of thinking about your weight.

Or maybe you still think you have to deprive yourself, suffer and that you need hard and fast food and exercise rules to be successful. 

That your cravings will never go away, eating healthy is hard and tastes bad and you have to just put up with menopause symptoms (ugh the hot flashes, exhaustion, brain fog, and belly weight).

So let me ask you this....

What would it feel like to feel relaxed and confident in your own skin? Enjoying being able to move better so you can keep up with your kids (no matter what age they are) and doing activities you love (hello garden, yoga class, walking/hiking trail). 

Feeling some much-needed relief from perimenopause or menopause symptoms. Enjoying food you love without feeling restricted or deprived while happily saying goodbye to energy slumps, tight pants and never having to diet again?  

Well, Lovely Lady
It IS Possible. And I'm Going To Show You How.

This is not another one-size-fits-all program. 

Ditch the Diet Master Your Lifestyle provides you with the 1:1 guidance, tools and support to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cynthia Brace 8

True Freedom In Your Health

Using my 4R method I combine nutrition, fitness and lifestyle changes with spirituality and self-compassion (mind-shifting tools) because:

I want you to...

...want to make changes to your everyday life (forcing yourself isn’t going to work in the long run - we know that from sucky diets)

I want you to...

...be excited on your journey to your goals (because I mean - excitement is better than it feeling like a chore - right?)

I want your...

...changes to be lasting so you don’t have to go searching for “the next thing” (diet, quick fix, fad)

I want you to...

...be set free from the stuff in your head that’s holding you back so it's easier to move into hormonal balance, have more energy, release extra body fat (you know - lose weight over 40), have more confidence and so much more.

Erin. S

Cynthia is a joy to work with. She is committed to your success and helps you every step of the way. I liked the fact that one thing is learned at a time so that I have time to implement it into my life.

I would recommend Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle to anyone looking to be healthier and lose weight.

With Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle You Can

Understand Your Body

Imagine knowing the steps to be more in tune with yourself so you can have more self-esteem and feel like your body and brain are yours again.

DiscoverYour Motivation

Picture knowing your crazy, happy, cool motivation that excites you to unlock and easily follow your path to more energy, confidence, hormonal balance and comfortable sexy jeans! 

Find Your Confidence

Imagine feeling confident in your body (no matter what size or shape you are) and in your path to reach your goals.

It's time to feel happy and empowered!

Have More Energy

Picture you've left the old exhausted you behind and have energy, focus and motivation for the things you need to do.

And having excitement, playfulness and energy for the things you want to do.

 Hello walking tour on your trip to Spain, digging in your garden, having a blast as you finally try out that Zumba class and meet new friends.

Have Better Hormonal Balance

What would it be like to:

  • reduce your hot flashes and night sweats.

  • say goodbye to your demanding cravings for chips, chocolate or bread.

  • think more clearly because your brain fog has lifted.
Fit Into Your Sexy Jeans

Imagine knowing you never have to think about or do a diet again! 

Knowing you don't have to go to a gym or endless amounts of cardio.

That you can release belly fat and lose weight over 40 in a more naturally aligned way.

Yes! It's possible!

It Works!

Today I am specifically grateful for this program and for the guidance and support from Cynthia Brace which is truly unique.

Most importantly it works! After only one month I have kicked the sugar habit, feel more energy and less pain.

I have lost weight too, which is amazing as I have not lost any weight at all in spite of trying hard over the past year.

Huge thanks and much gratitude Cynthia!

Joanne S.

Inside Ditch the diet | Master Your Lifestyle

Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle is a 12-week 1:1 personalized coaching journey to more energy, confidence, better hormonal balance, to lose weight over 40, feel comfortable in your sexy jeans and so much more.  Using My 4R method It IS possible....Let me show you how.

With this program, you'll get:

7 Video Training Modules

These easy-to-watch classes are organized to take you step by step through the 4R Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle method.

You'll have your own personal dashboard and be able to listen and watch the classes when it's convenient for you.

6 Personal Coaching Sessions

Your personal expert guide to your health goals.

In our first initial session, we'll take 75 minutes to get to know you. Your health history, dreams and wants. Together we'll refine your crazy cool motivation, vision and personal steps to whatever your goals are - more energy, confidence, hormone balance, sexy jeans.

In the 45-minute biweekly follow-up sessions, you'll get unique coaching, guidance and support for your specific goals and your specific health conditions.

I'm committed to your success!

Tools & Resources

Resources you need to put the everyday easy steps and practices into action. Providing what you need to get to your goals.

Depending on what we chat about in your coaching session I’ll personally direct you to the resource that you need the most so you can feel confident knowing I've got you covered.

Do It!

All I have to say about this program is DO IT!

I started out feeling very low about myself and what value I had in my existence in both my family and work life. Working with Cynthia has raised me up to new heights on both emotional and physical levels.

The tools and support that Cynthia provided were exactly what I needed to get myself out of the funk that I was in.


Lee A.


Bonus 1

Get access to the easy-to-use app where you can book your personal coaching sessions and connect with me for support throughout the 12 weeks.

In the app, you'll get access to your own personal journals to track your progress and wins. 

Bonus 2

We're all unique, so getting to your goals may not always be a straightforward path. With these bonus video classes, you'll get a deeper understanding of your body and help it overcome challenges.

Some of the bonus classes include Conquering Constipation, Understanding Insulin Resistance, Intuitive Eating

Bonus 3

While in Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle you'll learn to easily nourish yourself (and your family) with foods you love with this 7-day Kick Start Meal Plan and Implementation Guide you can see how it's done.  

Get delicious recipes and a roadmap to get started on your journey to healthier eating, more energy and sexy jeans.

Reached Every Goal

I have reached every goal I set at the beginning of the Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle program and more!

Weight loss, more energy, fixed washroom issues, more at ease in my body, feeling sexy and more confident.

You won't feel like all the other times you have tried to ‘diet’ because it’s not one. Cynthia is teaching a healthy lifestyle, which is 1000 times better!

Judy R.

this program Not for you if:

  • You're fine with the way you feel and your current health (Yay!)
  • You don't mind doing restrictive diets
  • You're not interested in making changes in your life
  • You don’t want to invest in your personal health and wellness
  • You're a Martian just visiting Earth for a while (if so hi 👋)

Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle
Is For You If:

  • You want to understand your body and know the steps to be more in tune with yourself so you can have more self-esteem and feel like your body and brain are yours again.
  • You're ready to feel confident in your body (no matter what size or shape you are) and in your path to reach your goals.
  • You want energy, focus and motivation.
  • You want better hormonal balance, to reduce cravings, menopause symptoms and brain fog.
  • You never want to go on a diet again and be able to release weight in a more naturally aligned way.  
  • You want to be healthy and vital no matter what age you are. 

Lenka T.

It Changed My Life

This program has changed my life for the better in more ways than one. I feel confident and secure in my body, something that I struggled with in the past.

I feel healthy and lively every day. The lifestyle skills that I have learned in this program will help and benefit me for the rest of my life, and I am eternally grateful for that.

Thank you, Cynthia!

What are you waiting for?

I get the "i'll start on monday" or "I'll wait for "this thing" to happen first".  
There are a lot of things that can stop us (including ourselves)

But Don't let another year (or week) go by.
You're Too Important to yourself (and all the amazing things you want in this life), your family, your friends and all the people who love you.

It's Time To Learn To Support Your Body. Be Healthy, confident, Feel More At Ease.
And Yes, Lose Weight Over 40 In A More Natural - Aligned To You Way - If That's A Goal For You.

Meet Your Coach 

Hi Lovely Lady!

I'm Cynthia Brace and I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Health and Mindset Coach for women. 

I'm also a Reiki practitioner and the author of Redesign Your Interior 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life.

My passion is helping women just like you create an everyday life that supports and nourishes them so they can have more confidence, and energy, reduce frustrating hormonal symptoms and fit back into their sexy jeans, without restrictive diets.

All while learning to stop putting themselves last and appreciating and loving the amazing person they are. 

Does that sound exciting (and maybe a little scary)?  

Great!  Let's chat.  Click the button below to book your 30-minute Get To My Goals Strategy Session to apply for the program and let's get started.

See you there!    

Cynthia Brace Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach 7

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have a get to my goals strategy session to get started?  

It's a way for us to meet to see if we're a good fit to work together. It gives you a chance to get some coaching and guidance on your goals and ask questions about the program.

In the session, we'll review your current diet and lifestyle approach and get clarity on what’s holding you back from getting to your goals. You'll also get a game plan for more energy, and confidence, reducing menopause symptoms and naturally releasing weight.

Are results guaranteed?

If you follow the program, method and steps we create together you will see results in your life. As each person is unique and at different stages in their journey, results will of course be different from person to person.

I am also so confident in the program that I do offer a value guarantee. If after 14 days you don’t see the value in the personal coaching or the lifetime access to the modules you’ll be refunded 90% of the program (10% covering a portion of the cost for your 75-minute initial personal coaching session)

Am I going to have time to implement this?

My goal with this program is not to overwhelm you and add more stress to your life. That being said you will need to dedicate time to reaching your goals.  We will cover how you'll be adding the absolutely doable classes and steps into your life in our first personal coaching session.

I've done so many diets. Will this work for me?

This program isn't a "diet". It's an everyday lifestyle change that leads to better overall health, more balanced hormones, energy, confidence and so much more. That being said I have yet to work with a client who didn't release extra weight (body fat).

With the knowledge and, steps you get from this program, you can continue to lose weight naturally until you reach your goal.  This is covered in the last module if it is a goal for you.

What's the next step once I enroll in the program?

Once you've enrolled in the program your first step should be doing your happy dance for investing in a way to your goals without diets.  While you're doing that you'll get a welcome email from me and a second email to set up access to your personal program dashboard with the modules and classes. 

Do I need anything to help me succeed?

I recommend having a journal and throughout the course, I may recommend certain books or other materials that you might wish to purchase.  I may also recommend other practitioners depending on your unique needs. 

What if I have health issues?

We're focusing on your overall health so if you do have a health condition like diabetes, constipation, high blood pressure etc., this is something we work on together.  And include your other healthcare providers. Keeping your doctor in the loop that you're making lifestyle and dietary changes because down the road you may need to change medications.

How do the personal coaching session work?

The first initial session will be done at the beginning of the program with the follow-up sessions biweekly.  This is the most effective way to guide you to your goals.
If for some reason you need to take a week off with notice this is absolutely possible. You have 14 weeks to complete all your sessions. 

Is this program virtual?

Yes! The program is virtual so you can do the video modules and attend your personal coaching sessions from anywhere. 

This is not another one-size-fits-all program.

This is me, sitting right beside you, focused on helping you have more energy, confidence, hormonal balance lose weight over 40 and feel comfortable in your sexy jeans - without dieting!

Ditch the Diet | Master Your Lifestyle not right for you now?

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