Table of Contents

Redesign Your Interior

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Hello? This Is Your Body Speaking…

  • Hold On to Your Personal Power

Chapter 2 It’s All in Your Head

  • Why Is Change So Hard?
  • Are You Ready for a Change?
  • Changing Your Story…
  • Why You May Be Stuck in the Lower Stages
  • Finding Your WHY

Chapter 3 Raise Your Energy

  • How to Raise Your Energy and Become a People Magnet

Chapter 4 The External

  • Design Your Environment for Success and Happiness

Chapter 5 The Inside Scoop

  • 6 Steps to Good Digestion
  • Getting the Crap Out – Constipation
  • How to Get Relief from Constipation
  • Cleansing/Detoxing? Are You Confused?

Chapter 6 You’re Not Stressed Out, Right?

  • Ways to Manage Stress

Chapter 7 Magic Pills and Potions

  • Common Helpful Supplements
  • Choosing Quality Supplements

Chapter 8 Ready, Set, Go: 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life

Chapter 9 Who’s Got Your Back?

Chapter 10 Making Your Progress Stick: 6 Proven Ways to Succeed

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