Wellness Reboot

A 14-day done-for-you plan of action to launch you to healthy, happy, vibrant.

Let’s be honest.  At one time in your life (or more than one) you’ve probably tried something to:

  • Lose weight (ugh tight clothes)
  • Have more energy (why am I tired it nap time yet?)
  • Eat healthier (this taco, ranch supreme salad is good for me right? It’s a salad so it should be?)

But the results were, let’s just say, not what you were looking for.

In the beginning, your enthusiasm gets you through a week. You may last two, or maybe you only lasted two days. Ugh.

Then it’s back to your regular routine because whatever you were trying was just too hard, or maybe you think you weren’t motivated enough (for real, if you put in an honest effort, stop thinking that!).

That’s why having a daily plan of action with little, easy steps each day is the way to go. 

And go all the way to success.

Focusing on what you do every day is your hidden superpower to be healthy, happy & vibrant

Ready for a Healthy Lifestyle Cheat Sheet

The Wellness Reboot is a done-for-you plan of action with special bonuses that focus on self-care, eating regularly, movement, and cultivating a positive mindset.


Each day for the next 14 days you'll have a daily checklist of easy healthy lifestyle steps to take that will move you towards your own unique healthy, happy vibrant lifestyle.  
You can do it.  This reboot will help.


Think about how empowering it would be to have a done-for-you plan to get you to your health and wellness goals.

Having those daily steps to being happy, vibrant, and energetic (no diet required).


Imagine by next week, the freedom of flowing with easy, everyday steps that will support you, your body, and let’s face it, your sanity.


And then there’s next month when you really start seeing the results of your easy everyday steps.

(Yes! You can keep going with this done-for-you plan).

Your clothes aren’t so tight, you’re more relaxed because you’ve released some stress, you’re more focused, happy and people have noticed. Go you!

Bonus 1

Blank Planner

Want to tweak your 14-day done-for-you plan or create your own unique plan of action?  

Use the blank planner to get started.

Bonus 2

Healthy Lifestyle Tools and Apps

No more searching for the right app to help you on your journey.

These 12 tools and apps are some I recommend to my clients to help them succeed.

Bonus 3

5 Personal Videos

5 personal videos walking you through your next 14-day healthy lifestyle journey and beyond.

 Get the Wellness Reboot + Bonuses for $27

With the Wellness Reboot You Can


Stop guessing what to do each day to support your body, improve your mood and reach your goals. Yes! Happy brain freedom!


Feel confident you’re on the right path (without the suffering, starvation or frustration). Happy Dance Time!


Reduce stress and find your balance.

Hello, relaxed you.

More Energy

Move through your days with more energy and focus.  Productivity and fun here you come!

**Queue the excited happy dance**

Invaluable Asset

" Working with Cynthia was fantastic!

She was able to pinpoint some key areas to help me optimize my health. I appreciate how Cynthia takes a big picture holistic approach.

If you are looking to make a change and improve your health Cynthia is an invaluable asset!."


Committed to Your Success

" Cynthia is a joy to work with. She is committed to your success and helps you every step of the way. I liked the fact that one thing is learned at a time so that I have time to implement it into my life.

I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn a healthy lifestyle and lose weight."

Erin S.

Positive Improvements

"I’m already changing some of my habits and feeling very positive improvements in my life.

Thank you, Cynthia."

Luis B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I get the Wellness Reboot?

After you order the Wellness Reboot you'll receive an email with access to the membership site and to the Wellness Reboot and all of the bonuses.

Will it work if I eat a specific way (vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto) or am on a diet?

Yes! The Wellness Reboot isn't a diet or a specific way of eating so you can continue with what you're doing if you choose.  

Do I need anything to do the Wellness Reboot?

I would recommend a journal and downloading any of the apps from bonus 2 (healthy lifestyle tools and apps) that you may find helpful.

What if I have a health condition?

The Wellness Reboot can be done if you have a health condition.  If you decide to change what you're eating or if you exercise more be sure to tell your health care provider as they may decide to make adjustments to their recommendations.


About Cynthia

Whole Health and Lifestyle Coach

Hey there! I’m Cynthia a whole health & lifestyle coach. I’ve had my share of frustrating health challenges which lead me on a journey to where I am today.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and author of Redesign Your Interior | 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Balanced Life. With certifications in Reiki, Reflexology and hundreds of hours spent on mindset books and practice. Yup, #nerd here. 

I’m passionate about helping motivated people around the world become healthy, happy & vibrant by focusing on their unique lifestyle, mindset and balancing body systems.  Yes! It can be done (without suffering).

When I’m not coaching amazing people like you, you can find me out on a hike, reading anything and everything (seriously 8 bookcases around here), prepping my meals for the week, learning Spanish and laughing at my crazy cat Chloe.

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