Meet Cynthia

Hi, I’m Cynthia [so nice to meet you!]

I’m a whole health & lifestyle coach working with people who want to elevate their wellbeing, ditch the "diets" and thrive in midlife.

If that sounds like you, we’re a perfect fit.

One of my official designations is Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) but I prefer Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach because let’s face it, when most people hear nutritionist, they think OMG she’s going to give me a meal plan and take away all my yummy food!

Which is SO not what I do.

What we do together is focus on you as a whole unique person and build a solid foundation (a healthy lifestyle) that encompasses:

Thoughts and mindset, because all positive change starts there.

Goals, because without them, you have a hard time achieving anything.

How to eat healthily and move your body without it taking up a crazy amount of time.

Stress management and self-care, making time to recharge and do things you enjoy.

Body systems, because it’s no fun when they’re out of balance.

I empower you with the knowledge to 
Support Your body and thrive in midlife and beyond!

If I haven’t mentioned it before I LOVE what I do.

Heck, I’m so passionate about helping people feel great, I wrote a book about it. Check it out here.

It wasn’t always a healthy, happy lifestyle for me though.

My Journey to Here

In my early 20’s I really wasn’t feeling well. I started to feel dizzy, light-headed, irritable and I had a hard time concentrating on things.

It went on like this day after day, and I got sick of feeling that way, so I decided to go to my doctor and see what was up.

Just on the symptoms alone, she diagnosed me with hypoglycemia. I had no idea what that was, so after she explained what was happening, I asked her what I do to fix it.

Her answer set me on the path to find answers and to becoming a Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach | Registered Holistic Nutritionist (although I didn’t know it at the time).

Her answer was, “Nothing.”

There was nothing she could prescribe or do for me to make me feel better. I know that people are given worse news than that every day, but to me, I felt lost, directionless, abandoned, and frustrated.

I felt horrible, and apparently, there was nothing she could do to help me. How was that possible?

The Turning Point

The asthma or allergies I had since I was a child never motivated me to find answers or make changes but let me tell you that “nothing” word really did it for me.

Over the next few years, while I was working full time, I read a ton of health books, took classes at the naturopathic college. 

I became certified in Reiki, Reflexology, and Holistic Nutrition and made some pretty drastic changes.

I ditched everything in my kitchen that was heavily processed that would zip sugars into my system quickly. I started making more of my own food instead of relying on boxed products (and French fries) for convenience.

I started eating more fresh veggies and stopped eating sweets for two full years (no, I don’t expect my clients to do this; it was a personal choice).

Early on in this journey with the stress of work, a long commute, studying for my upcoming two-day test to become a registered interior designer and diving into my love of learning all things health-related, I again started not to feel great.

I was Tired with the capital T. My energy would spike in the afternoons but weekends had me in bed with little motivation to do anything.

After seeing an alternative health professional, I learned that I had adrenal fatigue. My body didn’t like my fast-paced, stressful lifestyle and had sent me a pretty clear sign to slow down and find my balance.

And that’s what I did.


I realized that even though my journey took a bit of time and a bit of effort, it was SO worth it.

By the time I started training to be a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (whole health & lifestyle coach), I felt amazing!

I said bye-bye to adrenal fatigue and my hypoglycemia, asthma and allergies were pretty much non-existent.

I knew then that I wanted to help and empower people to find their answers to be healthy, ditch the "diets" and thrive in their life.

I knew then that I wanted to help and empower people to find their answers to be healthy, ditch the "diets" and thrive in their life.

Which is why I wrote Resign Your Interior | 8 Steps to Reclaiming Your Health and Creating a Vibrant Life. 

From my 20 years in health and wellness, I know you don’t have to feel always feel tired, foggy-brained, chronically stressed, and I know you don’t have to suffer from asthma, allergies, hypoglycemia, you name it. You can reduce symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and stop suffering.

There is a way to use what you do every day (your lifestyle) to help with all kinds of diseases and ailments.

I’m living proof.

Cynthia Brace Whole Health & Lifestyle Coach 7

Today It's About Your Journey

Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming.

You can be healthy and fit without going to a gym.

You don't fail at diets. They fail you.

Focusing on gratitude brings you happiness.

You can love yourself, just as you are.

Small intentional steps are the catalyst for big change.

Health and wellness start in your head.

You are amazing.

Diets suck…don’t do them.

With the right knowledge, support, and mindset, 
you CAN elevate your wellbeing and, thrive in midlife [without suffering on a “diet.”]


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