In one of the Facebook groups I’m in someone asked the question, “What is your biggest health-related struggle that you associate with running a business?”

A lot of the answers were the same – stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, headaches, feel like there’s no time to cook good meals or exercise.

The one comment I chuckled at though, was someone saying, “essential oils could help with most of these.”

Let me say first that I love and use essential oils, but realistically they’re not going to give long-term relief from the stress that can happen when running your own business, working at a stressful job or having any kind of high-stress life.

But there are things that can help:

1. Kicking the sugar and eating regularly.

High amounts of sugar contributes to stress and anxiety, not to mention causes foggy brain and makes you tired.

2. Not overloading your schedule

I used to do this all the time. Except it didn’t stress me out until I realized there was no way I was going to get it all done. I was being completely unrealistic with how long things actually took to do. Now my schedule is reasonable and it includes time for meals, exercise and fun.

3. Taking time for yourself

Do something you enjoy and laugh more. Taking 10 minutes of guided meditation, tapping, breathing exercises – all while using your essential oils of course – because that’s where we started this conversation after all.

4. Finding out WHY you have so much stress

So you can try to eliminate the source. For example, if you’re stressing about doing a Facebook live on your biz page, prep what you want to say and invite a few of your friends/biz owners to be there when you’re on to give you support.

P.S on this one. No one really cares that your hair isn’t styled perfectly, they just want to hear your awesome stuff.


Let’s understand the reality and get to the root problems of your stress, anxiety, no time to eat healthily and exercise.

Because more than likely you DO have time and you CAN manage your stress, it’s just your current lifestyle (or habits) and mindset that can be holding you back.

Your health and wellness should be at the top of your priority list. When you feel great you’re able to be more productive in your business and give more to everything you do.

Plus it doesn’t hurt to look great and fit comfortably in your clothes while you do it.

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